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What's Happening in July...

"Officiating Psychology" with Dubravka Martonvić

We are very excited to have Dubravka Martonvić as our special guest for the next CBOC Webinar on July 12 @ 8PM (EST).

Dubravka Martinović is a sports psychologist from Croatia. She is working with athletes, coaches, and referees on individual performance enhancement and mental preparation Programs, and with sports teams on the team’s cohesion development and performance analysis.

From 2011-2018 she was an official sports psychologist at FIBA SUMMIT and held workshops (on and off the court) for players, coaches and referees. Since 2014, she is collaborating with FIBA and FIBA Europe Referee Department as an associate at their Clinics, Seminars and seasonal basketball events. During these events, she helps referees and instructors with the team-building, mental preparation techniques, and performance analysis (feedback after the games).

Since 2015 she held seminars for many referee’s organizations in Croatia, Austria, Italy, France, BIH, and international ones for FIBA and IWBF. She is the author of the “Mental preparation Manual”, written exclusively for FIBA referees in 2016, and editor of the book for referees “Introduction to Psychology and Human Nature” published in January 2020.


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